I specialise in a bespoke wellbeing experience  - which includes Mindful Massage as well as mindfulness and compassion practice. 


My extensive mindfulness meditation practice combined with Mindfulness Africa facilitator qualification enables me to combine mindfulness with massage.


Together with my competitive national and international rowing background, Advanced Sports and Healing Relaxation massage qualifications (Healing Hands International) and my commitment as a healer, this enables me to help clients through a bespoke mind and body wellness journey. I have worked with a wide range of  amateur and professional athletes including  Team SA Paralympic Rowing Squad that has attended several Olympics, as well as Olympic rowers, CrossFit and All Africa CrossFit Championship competitors and a range of other athletes and health practitioners.


I now focus on those who choose to take responsibility for their own wellness journey. 


To enhance the wellness journey I also work with a range of medical and other professional partners, including chiropractors, physiotherapists, homeopaths, obstetrician gynaecologist, scoliosis specialists, dieticians, nutritional consultants and personal trainers and can refer clients if required.


Each session includes a 10 point wellness and lifestyle assessment.  This assessment includes relevant medical issues, injuries, fitness levels, nutrition, hydration and emotional resilience - as well as lifestyle and occupational aspects.  


It also includes:


  • Mindfulness consultation

  • Mindfulness breathing techniques (to help you learn to relax)

  • Mindful Massage therapy (including deep tissue release, sports, remedial, mindful healing relaxation or a combination, or pre and post partum pregnancy massage)

  • Belly breathing muscle activation technique

  • Feedback, stretches and follow up and referrals if needed



Wellness is a balance.  It’s a balance of your state of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It’s more than just being healthy. It’s about achieving optimal health in key areas of your life to that you are living life to the fullest. You can achieve this by choosing to adopting a healthy lifestyle


To achieve wellness, you have to want to be well. Being mindful allows you to bring an awareness to your current habit patterns so that you can understand yourself and your current choices more fully - and then make choices about your path to wellness. 


Wellness involves not only choice, but action. 



Each bespoke treatment is a combination of techniques adjusted for each clients’ unique needs.


Using a range of mindfulness practices and drawing from technically advanced massage therapies as well as breathing techniques to bring body and mind into the soothing (para-sympathetic) system.


I adjust each bespoke treatment to the clients unique needs drawing from a range of mindfulness insights and guided practices as well as sports, remedial, healing relaxation, Swedish and lymph drainage massage techniques.


FIRST SESSION:  120 minutes - R900

Includes 10 point wellness assessment, mindfulness consultation, guided mindfulness practices, mindful massage and follow up feedback and suggestions for their wellness journey. This signature treatment allows clients to really deepen their sense of relaxation and wellness.


FOLLOW UP SESSIONS: 90 minutes - R700

The uniqueness is that each session is tailored to the client, their body and mind and what is needed for their overall wellbeing. 


To book or for more info, please contact her at Shenang108@gmail.com. Or 083 326 3670




Nan combines her wisdom of the body with a deep compassion for each client. To experience a massage with Nan is to feel safe, nurtured and healed, both inside and out. She has a deep understanding of the pressures that daily life puts on our bodies, and somehow manages to make a 90 minute massage provide the restorative qualities of a weekend away. I cannot recommend Nan's massages highly enough, and frequently refer my yoga clients to her.

Dr Lucy Draper-Clarke – Yoga teacher and cyclist


A bespoke session with Nan is more than time on the massage table, rather it is a healing experienced focused on improving your body and putting you in a state of mind that allows continuous physical self-improvement.


I have been going to Nan consistently for the two years and have found significant improvement in my mobility and alignment in my lower and upper back. Within the first month, Nan aligned my hips and released significant pressure that was restricting my movements. Nan couples traditional massage therapy as well as ensures that other healing methods such as chiropractics are leverage and suggest the best for your body. I have been so impressed with Nan's ability to pinpoint the source of my issues and identify the long-term healing path. Nan consistently checks-in on previous problems and targets those and new areas to ensure the body is on a healing path. It is a absolute pleasure to have someone take care of your body with such an educated and healing focused mindset. I would highly recommend Nan as a massage therapist. Should you wish a personal reference, please obtain my details from her.

Diana Dimitrova – CrossFit athlete


I am a para-olympic rower who rows for South Africa, and our training is really tough on good days. Having disabilities on top of that, makes for extra problems, especially as in my case where one side of my body over compensates for the other, making stiff muscles more than just a regular side effect of training.


My team mate and my nickname for Nan is magic hands, because she honestly has a gift. Nan's massage is the perfect mix between physio and massage. Physio's, from my experience,  ask you where you hurt and shove an elbow into that exact spot - and this compromises training. Nan's skill makes for the perfect after sport recovery. We were lucky enough to have a weekly session with Nan building up to the rowing world championships. I know Nan's hands were I gift to our bodies as well as our minds, and her sessions with us contributed to us winning a bronze medal. For if we had not had that level of recovery, we would not have been able to push our bodies further. Thank you Nan for teaching me to relax, how to be mindful and breath!

Lucy Perold – Team SA Paralympic Rowing, 2016 Rio Ollympics


I met Nan at the beginning of 2013, where she offered her magical services to our para rowing team. I thought I was going to be getting a simple sports massage to take out the tension and strain in my muscles due to the strenuous training programme our coach gives us, but I was wrong. Nan offers goes way beyond a mere massage. This is because she has the ability to cleanse, not only the body but the mind. Everything about a session with Nan is m's bespoke sessions are morable. From he aromas she uses to the way she can pinpoint the source of tension in the body, but still there is so much more. Before a session begins Nan is interested with what is happening in other aspects of my life besides from rowing, and she brings to the fore other stresses that I may have been subconsciously repressing in order for me to deal with them. Even when I feel as though my body is as relaxed as it can be, sometimes during a session my muscles protectively tighten without me knowing it, but Nan knows the difference and is able to make me truly relax. She has qualifications and experience way passed my understanding, yet she always seems to be acquiring more knowledge in fields dealing with the mind, body and soul. When I refer to Nan in conversation I call her "Nan-the-magician", because I look so forward to our sessions and the peace of mind and body she so graciously gives to me. In every session I have ever had with Nan, she applies an accumulation of her magic and it is genuinely blissful. Thank you Nan for all that you have given me :)


I row for Team SA Paralympic Rowing team for 2016 Rio Olympics, and Nan is very thoughtful in this respect when it comes to her sports massage, and in no way have I felt uncomfortable while being massaged.  Whenever I have a session after having a sports massage with Nan, I feel rejuvenated. My muscles are more relaxed and I feel I can better execute my rowing stroke. My body holds a lot of tension in different areas and Nan is able to pinpoint those areas and magically work them out. I really appreciate the massages Nan has given me, because I feel, without a doubt, that it has aided me in my training and general relaxation. Thank you Nan :)Shannon Murray , Team SA Paralympic Rowing Team, 2016 Rio Olympics

Nan is an experienced massage therapist in both Sports and bespoke mindfulness massage sessions.  Her healing hands and caring heart have not only brought therapeutic effects to my muscles, but also to all my senses,  allowing my mind to enter into a state of complete relaxation. She adapts her treatment to your personal needs. I have not only experienced Nan's Sports and bespoke mindful massage session, but also worked with her at a Crossfit Competition where all athletes spoke highly of her sports massage skills. Whether Nan treats you from her pristine idyllic massage room in Parkhurst or at another location, you are in for a treat. Simone Burgesmeir – Physiotherapist, cyclist, (ex professional volleyball player)

As both a client and a chiropractor practitioner, I can highly recommend Nan's bespoke mindful massage sessions.  I began my running journey in 2012, with no expectation of running more than 10km at a time. However, in July 2013 I completed my very first marathon – The Knysna Forest Marathon (42.2km). My sessions with Nan had a huge positive impact on both my training, preventing injuries, and they assisted me in completing my marathon with great confidence in my physical well-being. As a chiropractor practitioner, I have great confidence in referring my patients to Nan as I have personally experienced the benefits of her sport massage. Additionally, my patients have highly recommended Nan as they too have experienced the benefits of her bespoke mindful massages.

Jess Fensham – chiropractor, marathon runner

Thanks so much for a fantastic bespoke massage. It was great, I love the energy that you bring with it and it’s not just rubbing the muscles. Your care and love for people is making you a very special massage therapist.Rika Deidericks, Olympic Rower, Crossfit Africa Champion 2013

I have been going to Nan regularly for the past couple of years. She has always has a warm, caring, healing technique that I have more recently seen (felt) move to a different level of a sensitive, skilled, competent bespoke session.  This is clearly due to the advanced studying she has done and the sports experience she has received. She not only has a wonderful natural touch, but she knows the theory behind it all and approaches each problem logically.I have chronic back issues and Nan has honed in on my problem and sorted me out every time. When she has diagnosed a more serious back alignment issue, she has referred me to a chiropractor, and not only that, but she has come with me to the appointments and checked and helped with the treatment – I don’t know any practitioner who has that level of dedication and care.  Jenny Prangley 

I am not really a big believer so was open to my first massage being anything and everything up for offer. I stepped into the tranquil space with no expectations and walked out HEALED! My body was alive. Years of tension was released. That night I slept better than I had in a long time and felt the connectedness of my muscles in a way I never experienced before. I booked my next session right away. Days have passed and not only has my breathing improved but I feel stronger. I feel lighter and more open to taking my next steps. I loved the take home exercises and look forward to my next session.Abigail Dreyer

I started going for regular weekly massages with Nan while pregnant, to assist me with a challenging pregnancy. Due to complications carrying my baby was difficult and I was in constant body and back pain. Although I was seeing a chiropractor and it was also recommended that I attend regular healing massage sessions as well. Nan is a most wonderful, caring and sincere person and these qualities can be felt during her massages. I always felt safe and comfortable with Nan and trusted her in supporting me and the baby in my belly. Massages with Nan were focused on relaxation and assisting me to get more in touch with my body- and the baby - and help in preparation for the birth of my baby. After every session I left with no body pain which would last for days. My head always left a lot clearer after a massage which enabled me to get through the difficult emotional journey I was on during the pregnancy.


Nan also taught me to breathe during our sessions which I used throughout the delivery of my baby. This was one of the most valuable things that I took from my massage sessions. Even now months after my baby being born when I feel stress and tension I hear Nan’s voice telling me to breathe, I do, and immediately feel my body relax. My gynaecologist, Dr Dinat believed that my massages with Nan assisted me greatly during my pregnancy and I most certainly agree.

Nan is an outstanding massage therapist and I would highly recommend her bespoke sessions to anyone who needs to relax and de stress both mentally and physically, heal aching muscles, learn to breathe or just to treat oneself to a wonderful experience. Ondine Hogeboom

P L A C E   O F   I N N E R   &   O U T E R   H E A L I N G