Meditation Accessories



35 x 35cm . Height 7cm in front, 17cm at back.

Consists ot two cushions - a firm compressed foam base as the support,  

Plus a foam wedge for comfort and back support 


Meditation MAT (large) - R300

70 x 70cm. Height 5cm, square foam


35 x 35cm square or round. Height 7cm 

Regular foam  - R250

Compressed foam cost  - R350

The Shenang wellness meditation cushions and mats are currently available in Johannesburg, from Parkhurst,  in durable burgundy colour.

The deluxe wedge cushion is specially designed to support correct posture.

It provides back support and prevents  lower back pain, fatigue and muscle spasm from incorrect posture.

The design enables sufficient height and back so that practitioners’ knees are lower than their hips and the back is able to find its natural curve.

The design was piloted and successfully tested by a number of seasoned meditation practitioners, a design engineer as well as mindfulness beginners and a chiropractor.

To order, please email Nan at


A great cushion which has helped my posture for optimal meditation. 

Dr Jess Fensham, Chiropractor

The deluxe wedge cushion is helping me to sit more comfortably. And longer.  I hope that many more people will be able to benefit from the added back support these cushions offer". I am so glad that Nan went to the trouble of designing and making these deluxe wedge cushions. Susan Brunner, meditation practioner (completed a six month meditation retreat, and currently on a one year retreat)

I have used the meditation cushion for the past two weeks. I think it is fantastic and enables you to sit with a great posture and still be comfortable! No more back ache! Michaela Mech, Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner

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