Nan Lutz




I left the corporate world after 20 years to pursue my passion for holistic wellbeing.


I'm now a Director of Mindfulness Africa and owner and founder of Shenang Wellness Consulting.  As a qualified mindfulness facilitator (Mindfulness Africa) I offer mindfulness, compassion and insight courses, talks, workshops, presentations and retreats for corporates, groups and private consultations.

Under the guidance of Rob Nairn (Founder of Mindfulness Africa & Mindfulness Assoc UK), I've been practicing meditation for 20 years and completed numerous 10-day and one-month silent meditation retreats. I now co-facilitate retreats with Rob and run his Psychology of Insight one year course in Gauteng.

I'm also qualified in holistic and advanced sports massage (through Healing Hands International) and specialise in combining Mindfulness and Massage, focusing on Body and Breath, for a unique healing wellness experience.


I've developed a range of chiropractic meditation cushions, mats and accessories to support the lower back in mindfulness meditation practice, enabling correct posture.


With my experience as a competitive rower, I have an intuitive knowledge of physical stress, wellness and breath and body work, which brings unique benefit to my clients.

Rob Nairn


Rob Nairn has over 40 years meditation experience and is one of the world pioneers in presenting Buddhist philosophy and practice in a way that is accessible to the Western mind.


In 1980, he resigned as professor of criminology at the University of Cape Town to commit full-time to his spiritual path. His training in psychology and Buddhism, including a four-year cloistered retreat at Kagyu Samyé Ling Monastery and Tibetan Centre, enables him to translate ancient Eastern wisdom into concepts we can understand and apply.


Rob Nairn developed a unique secular Mindfulness Based Living Course, an experiential 8 week  training course, which takes you on a step by step journey into a deepening experience of Mindfulness and Compassion, and being present and accepting yourself as you are.

About Mindfulness Africa


Rob is involved in Mindfulness Association in the UK, and their Compassion Based Mindfulness Training, which focuses on Being present,

Responding with kindness, Seeing deeply


In 2008, the Mindfulness Africa network was established with a group of mindfulness practitioners dedicated to assisting people enhance their own

well-being and the well-being of others. Mindfulness Africa trainers offer courses to communities by teaching through personal experience, sharing honestly, with humour and lightness, and using diverse approaches relevant to the audience.

P L A C E   O F   I N N E R   &   O U T E R   H E A L I N G